Emma Sinclair, Software Engineer, and Gavin Perrie, IT Administrator, Munich

To whom it may concern,

We asked Ilka for professional advice in 2007 with the plan of buying a new house.

She provided us with excellent support in the areas of bank loans, bauspar contracts, pensions and insurances. Her work was a major factor in the success of us securing the loan terms and fees that best suited our requirements.

Ilka looked at our savings and went through all our existing insurance cover and provided us with a complete overview of our financial situation and a plan to get the house of our dreams. She researched the pros and cons of several different loan options, explained them to us, and applied to the institutions on our behalf. She even came with us to the bank for our interview!

Ilka was faultless in her detailed plan for funding the house. She provided us with a spreadsheet accurately showing the monthly payments we need to make for the length of the loan periods. With foresight, the interest and capital repayment plan takes into account times of lower income or higher expenses and adjusts the repayments accordingly…brilliant!!

Furthermore, Ilka advised us on making additional pension provisions and taking out several new insurances which are recommended for home owners.

We can confidently recommend Ilka as an expert in home financing.

Yours faithfully
Emma Sinclair & Gavin Perrie

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